An Open Letter to Our Web Visitors from one of Rosa's Clients

Dear Web Visitors,

If you have sought out Rosa's website, I will make the assumption that you are looking for or giving consideration to hiring an interior decorator. Rosa has asked me to write a letter for her website. Perhaps I can offer a few ideas/experiences to factor into your thought mixture.

My professional and personal life schedules are horrendous. I am also very budget conscious when it comes to all facets of my life. I, perhaps like you, love to come home to a home that is uniquely mine and tastefully decorated. Rosa was instrumental in making this come true for me several years ago in the home in which I was living at the time. Without spending oodles of time and money, Rosa was able to understand my taste and preferences in home decorating and to work with me to bring my ideas to fruition. When we decided to move, we interviewed three realtors. Two of them said that they had specific buyers for our home. They each brought in the buyers. We had two offers to purchase at the same time. Our house sold without ever really being put on the market. I really think the decorating had a dramatic impact on this event.

We are currently living in "the big house" - a term my sister uses to describe our house. This past summer I called upon Rosa's services again. We are progressing slowly. However, within a very short period of time Rosa helped me to pick out wallpaper for four rooms, drapery fabric for one room, upholstery fabric for one room, accent fabrics, and an Oriental for our family room!

Aside from the convenience, Rosa has always exhibited very good taste, is patient, and serves as an excellent guide who will prevent you from making costly mistakes. She is a professional for whom a letter of recommendation is very easy to write. If you choose Rosa for your decorator, I'm sure you will be happy and agree that it is money well spent.

Very Truly Yours, Pam McDermott